Armed with a mandate from God, BrotheRedge Ministries, spearheaded by BrotheRedge, is reaching and teaching youth and their families all across America. Although better known to some as "Lil Chris" from "Boyz in the Hood," BrotheRedge has since been called into ministry as a "boy out of the hood of sin." His ministry is truly peculiar; it encompasses testimony, the Word of God, media works, and multi-cultural, trans-generational gospel rap music.

BrotheRedge was sent from California, his home state, where his spiritual father is Bishop Earl J. Baker of New Greater Faith Holy Church of Deliverance. There in Richmond, California, he was directed by God to relocate to Atlanta, GA. Evangelist BrotheRedge has been in fulltime ministry for the past ten years. He has ministered at many churches of different denominations across the nation. BrotheRedge has a God given gift to teach diverse groups of people and is filled with God's wisdom. He teaches about the many diverse issues that are affecting many youth and their families today. Many of his messages are being made into books and CDs so that BrotheRedge can reach those who are not able to hear him speak in person. One of these books, a look at Christians falling in love, titled "Don't Fall in Love Unless You Can Swim," will be released this year.


God has given BrotheRedge many messages to help Exalt, Empower, Encourage, and Enlighten youth, their families, and those who work with youth. He is truly a Walking by Faith Testimony and Example for many who meet and hear this Man of God.


As BrotheRedge has traveled across the nation and had the oppportunity to minister to many different denominations and youth. He has come across the same "dilemma" concerning our "teens and young adults" in the body of Christ. They are being confronted with many challenges we did not have to deal with when we were growing up.

A major secular beast has been filling their minds and hearts with many "winds of doctrine," and they are in a state of "luke warm" living and do not even know that they are not "hot" where Christ and salvation are concerned. We have to do what we can at any cost to seek, teach, and reach them at this day and age.


BrotheRedge has a unique rap ministry; his approach is anointed and unparalleled. God spoke to BrotheRedge and has directed him to write what we term "On Any Given Sunday Songs." He has released an awesome recording inspired by God titled "Dress Rehearsal." It includes his personal testimony by way of his rendition of the traditional favorite "How I Got Over," as well as many original biblically based songs. In addition to this, soon to follow are two exceptional companion albums, a live recording titled "The Show" and a follow-up praise album titled "The After Celebration!"



BrotheRedge is also a renowned youth empowerment speaker. He has been blessed to travel the U.S. speaking at schools from the elementary to college level. God has opened doors for him to not only be a blessing to your congregation, but also to the youth in your community! To find out more information on how your ministry can also sponsor BrotheRedge for a middle, high school or college in your area please visit Empowering Youth.


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